Reading Log 2019

1. In a Sunburned Country–Bill Bryson
2. Hello, Forever–Sarina Bowen
3. Ghost Boys–Jewell Parker Rhodes
4. Girls of Paper and Fire–Natasha Ngan
5. Truly Devious–Maureen Johnson
6. Fangirl–Rainbow Rowell
7. Lake Silence–Anne Bishop
8. I’m A Stranger Here Myself–Bill Bryson
9. Hotter Than Ever–Elle Kennedy
10. Obsessed: A Memoir of My Life With OCD–Allison Britz
11. Wild Country–Anne Bishop
12. My Lady of Cleves–Margaret Campbell Barnes
13. I’d Rather Be Reading–Anne Bogel
14. Girl Walks Out of a Bar–Lisa F. Smith
15. The Boneless Mercies–April Genevieve Tucholke
16. Brooklynaire–Sarina Bowen
17. Trump on the Couch–Justin A. Frank
18. Overnight Sensation–Sarina Bowen
19. Bountiful–Sarina Bowen
20. Bittersweet–Sarina Bowen
21. A Favorite of the Queen–Jean Plaidy
22. Trump Revealed–Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher
23. Nature Noir–Jordan Fisher Smith
24. The Queen’s Bed–Anna Whitelock
25. The Sixth Wife–Jean Plaidy
26. Steadfast–Sarina Bowen
27. The Lost History of Dreams–Kris Waldherr
28. Rooms–Lauren Oliver
29. It’s All Relative–A. J. Jacobs
30. The Master of Dreams–Mike Resnick
31. Keepsake–Sarina Bowen
32. Eliza and Her Monsters–Francesca Zappia
33. Alpha and Omega–Harry Turtledove
34. Speakeasy–Sarina Bowen
35. Fireworks–Sarina Bowen
36. The Word is Murder–Anthony Horowitz
37. Anna of Kleve–Alison Weir
38. The Perks of Being a Wallflower–Stephen Chbosky
39. The Sentence is Death–Anthony Horowitz
40. Breaking Bailey–Anonymous
41. Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores–Jennifer Campbell and Greg McLeod
42. Timekeeper–Tara Sim
43. That Ain’t Witchcraft–Seanan McGuire
44. Awaken Online: Catharsis–Travis Bagwell
45. Awaken Online: Precipice–Travis Bagwell
46. Awaken Online: Evolution–Travis Bagwell
47. Oathbound–Mercedes Lackey
48. Oathbreakers–Mercedes Lackey
49. Oathblood–Mercedes Lackey
50. When We Caught Fire–Anna Godbersen
51. Love and Luck–Jenna Evans Welch
52. By the Sword–Mercedes Lackey
53. In an Absent Dream–Seanan McGuire
54. Awaken Online: Dominion–Travis Bagwell
55. Darcy and Fitzwilliam–Karen V.Wasylowski
56. The 26th of November–Elizabeth Adam
57. McCarthy’s Bar–Pete McCarthy
58. Shadow of Persephone–G. Lawrence
59. Postcards from Ireland–Michael Harling
60. Postcards from Across the Pond–Michael Harling
61. Word by Word–Kory Stamper
62. Every Moment After–Joseph Moldover
63. A Curse So Dark and Lonely–Brigid Kemmerer
64. The Clergyman’s Wife–Molly Greeley
65. Ungovernable–Therese O’Neill
66. Audience of One–James Poniewozik
67. Humans: A Brief History of How We Fucked It All Up–Tom Phillips
68. When the Truth Unravels–Ruthanne Snow
69. The Art of Breaking Things–Laura Sibson
70. The Golden Child–Wendy James
71. Proof of Collusion–Seth Abramson
72. Pulse and Prejudice–Colette L. Saucier
73. Forbidden Flowers–Nancy Friday
74. Belly Up–Eva Darrows
75. Plaintiff in Chief–James D. Zirin
76. The Virgin Queen’s Daughter–Ella March Chase
77. European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman–Theodora Goss
78. Coming Home–Michael McCaughan
79. Emma–Jane Austen
80. Caraval–Stephanie Garber
81. Legendary–Stephanie Garber
82. Commander in Cheat–Rick Reilly
83. Motherfoclóir–Darach O’Séaghdha
84. Hollow Kingdom–Kira Jane Buxton
85. Skulduggery Pleasant–Derek Landy
86. The Ten Thousand Doors of January–Alix E. Harrow
87. Run, Hide, Fight Back–April Henry
88. Maybe He Just Likes You–Barbara Dee
89. Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing With Fire–Derek Landy
90. People Kill People–Ellen Hopkins
91. Siege–Michael Wolff
92. Ironfoot–Dave Duncan
93. Trial by Treason–Dave Duncan
94. The Shepherd’s Crown–Terry Pratchett
95. The Wee Free Men–Terry Pratchett
96. A Hat Full of Sky–Terry Pratchett
97. Edinburgh–Alexander Chee
98. No More Time to Dance–G. Lawrence
99. Wintersmith–Terry Pratchett
100. The Enemy of the People–Jim Acosta
101. I Shall Wear Midnight–Terry Pratchett
102. The Catherine Howard Conspiracy–Alexandra Walsh
103. The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy–Alexandra Walsh
104. Star-Crossed–Barbara Dee
105. Diagnosis–Lisa Sanders
106. The Meaning of Birds–Jaye Robin Brown
107. We Are Totally Normal–Rahul Kanakia
108. Ghosting–Edith Pattou
109. Gulp–Mary Roach
110. The Hill to Die On–Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer
111. Want to Go Private?–Sarah Darer Littman
112. Neither Here Nor There–Bill Bryson
113. The Body–Bill Bryson
114. The Lost Continent–Bill Bryson
115. The Other Boleyn Girl–Philippa Gregory
116. The Boleyn Inheritance–Philippa Gregory
117. The Rest of Us Just Live Here–Patrick Ness
118. Wizard’s First Rule–Terry Goodkind
119. Girls Save the World in This One–Ash Parsons
120. Mother Knows Best–Serena Valentino
121. Crossfire Hurricane–Josh Campbell
122. Miss You Love You Hate You Bye–Abby Sher
123. Deposing Nathan–Zach Smedley
124. Scythe–Neal Shusterman
125. A Walk in the Woods–Bill Bryson
126. The House on an Irish Hillside–Felicity Hayes-McCoy
127. Dark Summit–Nick Heil
128. The Easy Part of Impossible–Sarah Tomp
129. A Beginning at the End–Mike Chen
130. Kissing Doorknobs–Terry Spencer Hesser
131. Anything Could Happen–Will Walton
132. High and Low–Keith Foskett
133. The Road to Little Dribbing–Bill Bryson
134. Sparrow–Sarah Moon
135. The Swallows–Lisa Lutz
136. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library–Chris Grabenstein
137. The Nymph from Heaven–Bonny G. Smith
138. A Danger to Herself and Others–Alyssa Sheinmel
139. The Unofficial Guide to Game of Thrones–Kim Renfro
140. The Spider’s Web–G. Lawrence
141. Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics–Chris Grabenstein
142. At Home–Bill Bryson
143. The Book of Secrets–Melissa McShane
144. British History for Dummies–Sean Lang
145. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes–Caitlin Doughty
146. American Carnage–Tim Alberta
147. The Virgin’s Lover–Philippa Gregory
148. Night of the Living Trekkies–Kevin David Anderson
149. Carry On–Rainbow Rowell
150. The Baker’s Daughter vol. 1–Bonny G. Smith
151. Disney’s Land–Richard Snow
152. To Have and to Hoax–Martha Waters
153. The Baker’s Daughter vol. 2–Bonny G. Smith
154. Camp–L. C. Rosen
155. The Afterward–E. K. Johnston
156. Moonlighter–Sarina Bowen
157. Superfan–Sarina Bowen
158. The Chase–Elle Kennedy
159. The Risk–Elle Kennedy
160. The Play–Elle Kennedy
161. All the President’s Women–Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy
162. The Deal–Elle Kennedy
163. The Mistake–Elle Kennedy
164. The Score–Elle Kennedy
165. The Goal–Elle Kennedy
166. Leave No Footprints–Conor Knighton
167. Laughter at the Academy–Seanan McGuire
168. We Set the Dark on Fire–Tehlor Kay Mejia
169. To the Tower Born–Robin Maxwell
170. Invincible–G. Lawrence

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