Reading Log 2007

1. Bridge of Souls–Fiona McIntosh
2. Time Twisters–ed. by Jean Rabe
3. The Draco Tavern–Larry Niven
4. Dragonflight–Anne McCaffrey (re-read)
5. Tempting Evil–Keri Arthur
6. The Android’s Dream–John Scalzi
7. Witchling–Yasmine Galenorn
8. Talyn–Holly Lisle
9. Blood Bound–Patricia Briggs
10. The Navigator–Eoin McNamee
11. Ysabel–Guy Gavriel Kay
12. Scar Night–Alan Campbell
13. Un Lun Dun–China Mieville
14. The Mount–Carol Emshwiller
15. Games of Command–Linnea Sinclair
16. Masterharper of Pern–Anne McCaffrey (re-read)
17. Dragonquest–Anne McCaffrey (re-read)
18. The Crystal City–Orson Scott Card
19. Dragon’s Eye–James A. Hetley
20. Dragon’s Teeth–James A. Hetley
21. Understanding Comics–Scott McCloud
22. Kushiel’s Justice–Jacqueline Carey
23. Darkness of the Light–Peter David
24. If I Were An Evil Overlord–ed. by Martin H. Greenberg and Russell Davis
25. Claimed by Shadow–Karen Chance
26. Dangerous Games–Keri Arthur
27. Wildwood Dancing–Juliet Marillier
28. Kitty Takes a Holiday–Carrie Vaughn
29. White Night–Jim Butcher
30. Forged by Fire–Janine Cross
31. Flesh and Spirit–Carol Berg
32. Tempting Danger–Eileen Wilks
33. Wolf at the Door–Christine Warren
34. She’s No Faerie Princess–Christine Warren
35. The White Dragon–Anne McCaffrey (re-read)
36. The Name of the Wind–Patrick Rothfuss
37. Rollback–Robert Sawyer
38. The Demon You Know–Christine Warren
39. Unshapely Things–Mark del Franco
40. Dragonsong–Anne McCaffrey (re-read)
41. The Accidental Time Machine–Joe Haldeman
42. King’s Property–Morgan Howell
43. It Sleeps In Me–Kathleen O’Neal Gear (re-read)
44. It Wakes In Me–Kathleen O’Neal Gear (re-read)
45. It Dreams In Me–Kathleen O’Neal Gear
46. The Harlequin–Laurell K. Hamilton
47. The Blue Lagoon–Henry De Vere Stacpoole (from Project Gutenberg)
48. Soon I Will Be Invincible–Austin Grossman
49. The Black Swan–Mercedes Lackey (re-read)
50. Changeling–Yasmine Galenorn
51. Key to Conflict–Talia Gryphon
52. Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern–Anne McCaffrey (re-read)
53. Sunshine–Robin McKinley
54. Heir of Autumn–Giles Carwyn and Todd Fahnestock
55. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows–J. K. Rowling
56. The Lark and the Wren–Mercedes Lackey (re-read)
57. The Robin and the Kestral–Mercedes Lackey (re-read)
58. A Cast of Corbies–Mercedes Lackey (re-read)
59. Mistress of Winter–Giles Carwyn and Todd Fahnestock
60. Embraced by Darkness–Keri Arthur
61. Nerilka’s Story–Anne McCaffrey (re-read)
62. Red Seas Under Red Skies–Scott Lynch
63. High and Outside–Linnea Due (re-read)
64. The Sea Change–Patricia Bray
65. Twilight–Stephanie Meyer
66. Dragonsdawn–Anne McCaffrey (re-read)
67. The Eagle and the Nightingales–Mercedes Lackey (re-read)
68. Ratha’s Creature–Clare Bell (re-read)
69. Clan Ground–Clare Bell (re-read)
70. Tomorrow’s Sphinx–Clare Bell (re-read)
71. The SFWA European Hall of Fame–James and Kathryn Morrow, ed.
72. The Devil’s Right Hand–Lilith Saintcrow
73. New Moon–Stephanie Meyer
74. Eclipse–Stephanie Meyer
75. The Renegades of Pern–Anne McCaffrey (re-read)
76. Last Days of Summer–Steve Kluger (re-read)
77. Forbidden Magic–Cheyenne McCray
78. The Eyre Affair–Jasper Fforde (re-read)
79. Clan Daughter–Morgan Howell
80. Tiger on the Mountain–Shirley Arora (re-read)
81. Succubus Blues–Richelle Mead
82. Making Money–Terry Pratchett
83. Weregirls: Birth of the Pack–Petru Popescu
84. Not Flesh Nor Feathers–Cherie Priest
85. Poltergeist–Kat Richardson
86. Royal Destiny–Morgan Howell
87. Empire of Ivory–Naomi Novik
88. Ratha and Thistle-Chaser–Clare Bell
89. Ratha’s Challenge–Clare Bell
90. Atherton: The House of Power–Patrick Carman
91. Saint City Sinners–Lilith Saintcrow
92. Invasive Procedures–Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston
93. All Creatures Great and Small–James Herriot (re-read)
94. All Things Bright and Beautiful–James Herriot (re-read)
95. All Things Wise and Wonderful–James Herriot (re-read)
96. The Lord God Made Them All–James Herriot (re-read)
97. Every Living Thing–James Herriot (re-read)
98. The Real James Herriot–Jim Wight
99. Reserved for the Cat–Mercedes Lackey
100. Ratha’s Courage–Clare Bell
101. Realityland: True-Life Adventures at Walt Disney World–David Koenig
102. The Disney Mountains: Imagineering at its Peak–Jason Surrell
103. Howl at the Moon–Christine Warren
104. The Book of Lost Things–John Connolly
105. Gods Behaving Badly–Marie Phillips
106. The Safe-Keeper’s Secret–Sharon Shinn
107. The High King’s Tomb–Kristen Britain
108. The Truth-Teller’s Tale–Sharon Shinn
109. First Among Sequels–Jasper Fforde
110. Dragon’s Fire–Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey
111. To Hell and Back–Lilith Saintcrow
112. Succubus on Top–Richelle Mead
113. Kitty and the Silver Bullet–Carrie Vaughn
114. Pawn of Prophecy–David Eddings (re-read)
115. Emma–Jane Austen (re-read)

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